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Locked Down Google Form Quizzes

Google Forms has added updates to allow for more "secure" testing in Google Forms, with caveats of course. Forms now supports Locked Mode for their forms, meaning that students cannot open other apps, and if they leave the quiz for another tab, the teacher will be notified.  To enable, open a new Google Form at .  Once you have the settings page up, you can make sure that the form is set as a Quiz and then look for "Locked Mode." It is important to note that "Locked Mode" is only supported on managed Chromebooks, or the school issued devices. If a student is using a non-school issued device, their quiz will not be locked.  Once you have made your form a quiz, you just add your questions and set up the quiz as you normally would. Now, when you ask students to complete the quiz, they will be restricted and you will be notified if the students are off task. 

Google Forms - New Feature - Autosave Responses!

One of the biggest complaints that I have heard from teachers and students is that Google Forms does not save responses if a test or quiz is accidentally exited, refreshed, or otherwise lost. Google and their engineers have been listening to requests and have a new feature available for Google Forms! Now, on by default and requiring no extra steps from teachers or students, Google Forms will now save responses as long as the students or respondents are logged into their Google Accounts. There is nothing else that needs to be done, but this is something that I thought was worth sharing! Check out the GIF of the action below. This is taken from the Google products updates newsletter!