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Introducing the Appy Slappy - A Fight Club demo slam from the Instructional Tech Team

Appy Slappy Jack in the Box

The Coloma Instructional Tech Team is getting creative! In a fun way to share some tech that we are familiar with that may help in the classroom, the team will be competing for a traveling trophy based on the Appy Slappy - a championship fight-club style competition on the team - to share relevant, helpful and really cool technology tidbits in short, approachable videos. 

Watch the entry's below. Ben shares how you can easily create helpful GIFs for your students. Dan shares a way to help keep kids on task with YouTube, and Tonya shares how to stop Microsoft Teams in it's tracks from opening when you start your computer! 

Once you have watched the entries, follow the link at the bottom to cast your vote so that we can award the trophy. Be on the lookout for the next round when the defending champ will have to risk the trophy as the challengers try to get it. 

Ben's Entry - Adobe Express to GIF

Once you have watched all of the videos, follow this link to cast your vote


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